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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mes Aventures en Israёl

First off, I would like to thank those of you who write comments. It makes me feel as if people actually read this blog. However; please leave your name or some hint which lets me know who you are.
Unless y'all are just a bunch of stalkers. You know who you are.

To update, since my last post about nearly getting killed by the busses, I have been to the Technion's Yom Hastudent, and can I just say, it rocked. All of it. From the concert monday night to the pool party tuesday afternoon to the second concert tuesday night, and after seeing Ivri Leder, Bet Habubot, Miri Mesika (who, fyi: Honey, if you're nominated singer of the year, and you hit a flat note? You're totally fired.), HaYehudim, HaGirafot, and Aviv Gefen, let me just say: Wow. Fabulous. Infinitely better than Haifa U's. Those techie geeks have money to throw around.

Today I started the first day of Haifa U's Overseas Student Study Tour, where I audit courses (i.e: I don't have to take notes or write a paper...yessssssssssss) in Judeo-Israeli History and tour around the country like I ought to have been doing all year, but haven't. But it's kind of a sad reflection on my Jewish high school that in five hours today, we basically covered all the Jewish history that I learned over four years in Jewish History class. So, C.H.A.T, you suck.

Tangent: When people ask what the one thing I took with me from high school is, I answer, my typing skills from computers class in grade nine. The rest was all filler. I'm very Bet Hillel in this regard. (Get the reference? Anyone? Torah while standing on one foot? Love your neighbor, the rest is all commentary? Nothing? God, you're all such bad Jews.)

Back to the study tour: I've made friends! And been social! And not stayed cooped up in my room! Kol HaKavod to me!!! In fact, we're going out (!) (God, I'm such a loser...) in ten minutes, so yalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllah.

Update: We went to Sha'altiEli, a nargila bar on the beach. At the barbeque dinner earlier, everyone was all "Hey, wanna go out? Yeah, let's go out! Yeah, let's go to the beach! Hey Jess, what's at the beach at night?" And I was all "...Sand..." and then "oh, wait, there's a nargila bar!" and everyone was all "Awesooooooooooooome!". So after a misunderstanding (read: getting ripped off) in the shared taxi where he told us 50 shekel and then heard our English and changed the price to 60 (....), and having kind of bad service at Sha'altiEli (but then, this is Israel. "What, you want me to, like, actually wait on your table?"), and worrying about the bill, we had a generally great time. And then people wanted to chillz on the beach, and in my opinion, unless you got a really great fire going, it just becomes a getting-sand-and-dirt-on-you adventure. In the dark. In the scenic dark. Whatever. So I peaced out. Goodnight.

Love to my stalkers and kisses to the rest of you,


Anonymous Heather said...

kol hakaVOD to Jessie! oooh-ah, you made friends? i love that your "going out" was to sit on dirty mattresses and smoke apples.

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, too, am a stalker.


12:07 PM  

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