On the Honey and the Beesting

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Because I know you were worried...

My Creative Zen Micro has woken up from it's temper tantrum and has finally decided to work.
Attn Customer Service/Tech Support at Creative: Snap! You guys suck at life.
I am transferring 2578 tracks back to the damn machine as we speak, after having left it alone for two weeks in the hopes that even though Creative Tech Support failed me (because they never freaking listen), everything would repair itself in the end if I just left it alone.

Kind of like a pimple. What an unbelievably appropriate comparison for a Creative product: Creative Zen Micro-a pus-filled blemish which brightly stands out on the otherwise comparatively scarless face of technology.

I say 'comparatively scarless' because my craptacular Dell computer joins my Creative Zen Micro in the blemish category. However, the Dell is less of an annoyance because Dell, unlike Creative, has a reasonably competent Tech Support team.

Back to my own technological genius: (and by the way, those who really know me should be frightened by that last statement. Doesn't it keep you up at night that a support staff is as in/competent as me?)

Anyways, I managed to unfreeze the damn thing (and I'm still not really sure what I did differently this time than before), and am reloading everything, but only as a temporary solution to the current situation in which I am waiting to buy an iPod.

There are a few morals that can be derived from this saga:
a)Creative products, while often superior in theory to other comparable brands, are ultimately worthless, given the quality of their customer service/tech support or lack thereof.
c)Considering that she was the last one to handle it before it crashed, Na'ava is not allowed near any electronic equipment of mine for some time to come. Although she has called 'dibs' on the Zen for when I ultimately acquire my iPod. So, whatever. If she wishes to burden herself with what is at times effectively a paperweight, power to her.



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