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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lebanon can kiss my ass

Not going to lie: this kind of sucks.

Hezbollah has been firing on Israel for the better part of this week, and at 9 am this morning, they started up with Haifa. Which means that I have spent most of the day going down to the bomb shelter, going out of the bomb shelter, trying to eat lunch but stopping before the fork hits the plate because the air raid siren sounded and that means, you guessed it, going back down to the bomb shelter.

It's quieter now, and we're hoping for the best. But seeing arab "members of parliament" on TV (read: terrorists) laugh at how Haifa's Patriot Missile system isn't working (they're supposed to fire at enemy missiles and blow them up in the air before they land and cause damage and instead, they're, well, not working), well, it's kind of disheartening. And also, who the @$&* do you think you are to laugh when you're sending rockets into civilian areas? Does that make you a big man or something? Aren't there any puppies lying around Lebanon that you can kick or something instead of directing your aggression in my direction? Is this all really necessary?

The safta has taken off for Jerusalem, which means that I am all by myself in the big city preparing for my last exam, and I hope to God that it gets cancelled. I mean, hopefully things calm down enough by thursday that I can study for it and write it, but also, I kind of don't really want to have to study for it/write it, because who does?

God, packing is going to be such a nightmare...



Blogger Scott said...

I read your post and I can not imagine what life must be like for you... I thought I had it tought but nothing like what you must deal with everyday. I hope this round of violence passes and passes quickly. Unfortunately I do not see it happening if anything I see it getting worse before it gets better. With Isreal and with American forces in Iraq - these terrorists hate you for being Jewish and me because I am a citizen of the USA. I wish you the best, If you don't mind I like to continue reading your blog

4:12 PM  
Anonymous aileen said...

hi jess!

i guess i've been what you'd consider a 'stalker' until today, since this is the first time i've posted a comment! (i'm not *really* stalking you of course -- i'm actually your mom's first cousin -- which i guess makes us 'first cousins once removed'!)

i've *really* enjoyed reading your blog for a long time. you're obviously so intelligent, so articulate, and have a great sense of humor!!! sounds like you're having a wonderful time in israel -- i think about you every time i hear anything about the middle east, and pray for your safety! i'm so glad i can read that you *are* safe! (and re: your comment about lebanon kissing your ass -- i hope lebanon doesn't get anywhere *near* your ass!) :o)

aileen (a.k.a. elkasimma)

11:34 PM  

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