On the Honey and the Beesting

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Title!

You'll notice that I'm no longer using the snarky title, [Insert Wildly Creative Title Here], rather, I have changed it to On the Honey and the Beesting, (al hadvash ve-al haoketz), after a popular Israeli song that I will liberally interpret as being about taking the good with the bad and sucking it up, or, the proverbial honey with the proverbial beesting. Actually, it's not really proverbial.
Lesson of the day: Something is only ever "proverbial" if it is mentioned in the Book of Proverbs. It does not mean "aforementioned/legendary". Stop using it to mean "aforementioned/legendary". You come off as dumb. If you're telling a really long story about a car that gets lost, and then at the end, your main character finds the car, he has not found the "proverbial car", because they didn't talk about any cars in the Book of Proverbs. So before you start sounding uneducated, as I did above (but then undid after I corrected myself and provided everyone with this bit of information), whip out your Bible and check your references.
Or, if you were a good Israeli and voted yesterday, Sha"s (Religious Sephardi party) supporters were handing out Sifrei Tehilim (Books of Proverbs) to those good Jews who asked.
I would be one of those good jews. Hee. Too bad for them that I can't vote, and when I did vote in the mock elections at the school where I volunteer, I voted for Meretz.

"Meretz in the Left, People in the Centre!!"
I'm such a good little party supporter.
Because Meretz gave me stickers. Also, they're rather left-wing. And they support gay marriage, which is reflected on my two free stickers. But since I also support gay marriage, the stickers are chillzin' on my wall. Along with my Chada"sh stickers which support, in Arabic and Hebrew, a Jewish-Arab party.
The moral of the story: My love is totally for sale. Stickers are preferable to religious items.

Regardless, Meretz did not manage to get many seats, and Sha"s whupped them good.
Oh well. Next time.

A full update on my Israeli Elections experience will be posted shortly, but my caffeine levels are tapering off and so is, therefore, my attention span.

"Olmert: Nyet
Peretz: Nyet
Lieberman: Da
Nyet, Nyet, Da!"

(See? I'm totally fluent in Russian...)


Blogger rinabeana said...

I'm glad that you're having a great time there. I saw your post with your comparison between my blog and your blog, very honest observation. Yom Huledet Sameach, Jess! Have a fabulous day and a great year.

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