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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cesspool of Disease

First of all, how great is the word cesspool? It just implies 'grossness' all over the place.

Second of all, I am a walking, talking cesspool of disease. It seems I have tonsillitis. Again. Second time in a month. In fact, my tonsils are so badly infected, that when i finally got to see the doctor, he looked in my mouth immediately said "Oh, gross."

I love it when the medical professionals are all grossed out.

My throat is covered in yellow pus, and I have spent the last 48 hours imitating a cat with a severe hairball problem when i spit into the sink because my throat is so swollen that I can't swallow much anything. (hey! great new diet...) My roommates are beginning to worry that I'm dying.

Fun Fact: "I am dying" in Hebrew is אני גוסס\ת or ani goses/et.

The upside of waking up to fever sweats and the feeling of a thousand tiny knives stabbing you in the throat is that I am actually getting some work done vis a vis my exam notes for lexicology, the bane of my existence. I will not be nearly this productive for my semantics or morphology exam notes. Unless I can't sleep because i wind up sitting next to some gross person on the plane, God forbid phtoo phtoo phtoo.

Another upside is that I'm taking Rafapen, which come in doses of 1000 mg of penicillin per pill. So anything in my system that even thought of acting up is now steamrolled to oblivion.


New people are here for winter ulpan, and I've tried making friends, but it really will have to wait until after exams and Toronto when i can be more social and less holed up in my room glued to my computer and notebooks.

It's too damn cold here. Ten degrees is like freezing now to me.


Sucks to be Canadian! and in Canada! Where 10 degrees in January is a heat wave!

I need it to be March soon so I can 'do my homework' on the beach again. Every day. For the next five months.

Again: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


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