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Monday, March 06, 2006

This is what happens when Spoken Arabic gets cancelled

Actually, it's more like what happens when we wait for half an hour at Spoken Arabic, and then the teacher doesn't show up, and then the library printers only print half of the readings that I need to do by...July.

(Ew, I'm totally a real blog now...)

[A] :: Accent: Canadian
[B] :: Breakfast Item: Toast and/or fried eggs.
[C] :: Chore You Hate: laundry. Because the machines hate me. Also, the kittens that use the laundry room as their personal powder room just gross me out. It's like, "aw, aren't you fluffy? and covered with diseases? I shall name you Toxoplasmosis*, and I will love you and squeeze you forever and ever..."

*you know, toxoplasmosis? What people can pick up from cats? Google it. It's what has probably been making me sick since there's cat guano all over the damn place, and in the air vents since they've found a hole in the laundry room ceiling and in the main building you can hear them in the walls, and my god, that's got to be a health hazard. *

[D] :: Deli Meat: Gross. Moooooooooooooooooooo.
[E] :: Essential Everyday Item: My buspass. And credit card.
[F] :: Flavour Ice Cream: Chocolate chip cookie dough. Only, if it was just the cookie dough, that would be okay too. In fact, if it was a tube of cookie dough, and a spoon, and maybe a can or two of whipped cream, that would be just perfect
[G] :: Gold or Silver?: Silver. Gold is so eighties.
[H] :: Hometown: Thornhill
[I] :: Intelligence: Lots of it.
[J] :: Job Title: None. I want a work permit. Then I will work at Aroma and take over the coffee-drinking world. Yes...excellent...
[K] :: Kids: God forbid. After being a camp counselor for 12 thirteen year old girls, I want my tubes tied. Call me in 5 years.
[L] :: Living Arrangements: Single-room Talia Dorms at Haifa University. Replete with Toxoplasmosis.
[M] :: Motto: It's not easy being green.
[N] :: Number of Significant Others: Yeah, totally macking it up in the Holy Land.
[O] :: Overnight Hospital Stays: Almost one yesterday, but as of this moment, none.
[P] :: Phobia: Needles and the witches under my bed
[Q] :: Quirks: Before I go to sleep, all the closets, drawers, and doors have to be closed and the shades have to be drawn. Otherwise, the witches will get me.
[R] :: Religious Affiliation: Jewish
[S] :: Siblings: My brother Alex...who SUCKS.
[T] :: Time You Wake Up: Too Damn Early
[U] :: Unnatural Hair Colours You've Worn: None. I'm too conventional for my own good.
[V] :: Vegetable You Refuse to Eat: Vegans
[W] :: Worst Habit: Biting my nails.
[X] :: X-rays You’ve Had: Both feet. Also, probably a ton of my teeth.
[Z] :: Zodiac Sign: Aries


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