On the Honey and the Beesting

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dance, monkeys!

There's currently an unwritten competition among the staff of the cafes of Cafein, Aroma, and Elite to buy my love. Cafein is currently winning, because the guy looked at my punch card, which by all intents and purposes needed two more punches before I got the free coffee, and then he comped my coffee anyways. But the staff at Elite engage me in conversation and Avi from Aroma still goes down in history for the plate of whipped cream topped with chocolates (!!)
For those keeping track, the score is Elite: 5, Cafein: 10 (free stuff gets big points), and Aroma: 7006 (plate of whipped cream=7000 pts, chocolates=6 pts. I don't really like chocolate)

Spent the last two days "cleaning" house in Jerusalem where I will be spending the seders. The quotations around 'cleaning' show that I was not doing so of my own accord. But they asked nicely, and also feed me. And let me do my laundry at the house. And they don't have ants.
Weiner household=6000 points minus 80 for the cat. Me and the cat do not get along. Because I think he's stupid, and he thinks otherwise. Stupid cat.

Speaking of ants! The 60 or so that decided to take up residence in my room have met with liquid death. And after I bleached and cleaned my room, I cleaned the apartment, because I'm sick of living in a place where one can feasibly contract both cholera and diptheria by licking the floor. Which I wouldn't do, because it's so gross. (the floor, not the licking). Also, my roommates are never home, and so it usually goes like this: I clean, take out the trash, and wash the dishes. At the end of the week, my roommates come home for thirty minutes, and in that span of time, mess up the apartment beyond all measures of gross things. They then leave for the weekend, come back on monday or tuesday, and then have the gall to yell at me for not taking out the (read: their) trash or do the (read: their) dishes all weekend. So I've been on dish/trash strike for the last three weeks, and two nights ago, after bleach-deathing the ants, got so sick of the state of the apartment that I decided to bleach-death the cholera/diptheria, too.

That apartment is so gloriously clean. (The water from the floor was actually brown. I didn't know floors could get that dirty) And I just know that my roommates (or their gross 40 year old boyfriends who yes: have a key and no: I am not okay with that) are going to come home and mess it up but I NO LONGER CARE: I'm leaving at the end of July, and I will not eat in that kitchen any more and I left a threatening little note in Hebrew and English on the fridge to make my position clear.

Whatever. I'll get sick of the inevitable mess in three days and clean again.

But if I come home thursday and find the kitchen in an unlivable state, I'm getting the locks changed and gross-40-yr-old boyfriend can sleep outside on the porch.

Schedule of Passover Events!
Wednesday: Seder!
Thursday: Sleep (?)
Friday: Artist's Market in Tel Aviv
Saturday: Beach!
Sunday: Camping or visit family on Kibbutz. Which I hope works out. Because I? Don't camp.
Wednesday: Cottage in the Galilee! (for the hebrew speakers, a צימר)
Thursday: Ibid.
Friday: Reunion with camp Ramah people in Tel Aviv (?)
Saturday: Beach!
Sunday: Back to class.

חג שמח וכשר!


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